Little is more important than having a quality roof over your head, and Badger Seamless understands that. Our residential roofing services will keep your home safe, dry, and stylish. With a reputation for expert craftsmanship and superb customer service, Badger Seamless is the roofing company Germantown and the rest of Southeast Wisconsin trusts.

Which Residential Roofing Services are Offered?

Your home’s roof is comprised of a variety of components that make up a system. The skilled team at Badger Seamless takes into account your whole roofing system with our premium services, including:

Badger Seamless always uses the highest quality materials in our work and we’re proficient in servicing a wide variety of roofing materials, including:

  • Metal
  • Cedar Shake
  • Asphalt Shingle
  • Wood Shingle
  • Slate

To Repair or Replace A Roof?

It can be tough to decide whether your roof needs a few improvements or a complete overhaul. While repairs are certainly more affordable than tear-offs and replacements, they may not sufficiently resolve your roof’s issues. Yet, in many cases, repairs can improve roof conditions to be as good as new. To decide between repair or replacement, it’s important to get the opinion of professionals—and that’s where Badger Seamless comes in. We’ll inspect your roof and consider multiple factors, including:

  • Damage: Roof damage can range from the minor (loose shingles) to the severe (gaping holes). It’s important to note that some roof damage isn’t visible to the naked eye, such as underlayment or decking. After a full inspection, Badger Seamless will determine if your roof is salvagable or if you’d be better off starting from scratch.
  • Aesthetics: If only certain parts of your roof are damaged or worn, such as those sections most exposed to direct sunlight, the difference in color and quality may be noticable. Badger Seamless will help determine what’s needed to get your roof back in style.
  • Structure: Often times, a roof that has looked shabby for a long time is even more shabby underneath the shingles. Decking/sheathing may have holes or water damage, so making cosmetic changes will be rendered useless until those problems are resolved. Before deciding if your roof should be repaired or replaced, Badger Seamless will investigate its structural integrity. 

What Makes Our Residential Roofing Services Special?

With your convenience and satisfaction in mind, Badger Seamless ensures that our residential roofing services fit within your budget and busy schedule. As an added bonus, we undergo a few phases to ensure quality in every roofing project we do, including:

  • Comprehensive inspection and planning
  • Determining the best style, shape, size, and material
  • Regular roof maintenance to increase longevity
  • Emergency repairs as needed, no matter the day or time

No-Obligation Estimate

Badger Seamless has worked on residential roofs of all types and sizes. There is no project too large or complicated for our experienced team. If you need a new roof for your home, or simply maintenance and repair or an existing roof, Badger Seamless is here for you. To speak with one of our friendly staff members and get your free, no-obligation estimate, contact us today by using our online form or calling 262-293-3123.